What is your Homepage?

Your Homepage allows you to display multiple Scheduling Links so that viewers can choose the type of meeting they want to schedule with you. It provides an easy-to-remember link you can use to schedule many different kinds of meetings. For example, you may have one Scheduling Link for coffee chats, another for product demo's, and another for sales chats; instead of having to remember each of those link's URLs, you can add them all to your homepage and allow recipients to choose the appropriate meeting for them:

Your Homepage is always accessible at the following easy-to-remember link: meetingbird.com/h/username, where username is the username you chose when creating your account.

Setting up your Homepage

To begin setting up your Homepage, make sure you have created at least one Scheduling Link. Once you've created a few links, click the prompt to "Set Up Homepage" to get started.

Adding Links to Your Homepage

In the Homepage editor, we can choose the types of meetings that we want to allow visitors to book. Click “Add a Scheduling Link” and select the link you'd like to add from the dropdown. Repeat this process for each link you'd like to add. Once you've added a few links, you can reorder their placement on your homepage by clicking the arrows to the right of each link entry.

Customizing the Appearance of your Homepage

Scroll down to the “Appearance” section to customize the look and feel of your Homepage. The Display Name and Greeting Message will be displayed at the top of your Homepage to welcome visitors. We recommend using the Greeting Message to prompt users to select the appropriate meeting for them. For example, “Thanks for checking out my scheduling page! Please choose the meeting that best fits your needs below.”

Use the Colors section to customize the appearance of your Homepage.

Adding your Homepage to your Email Signature

To allow email recipients to quickly book meetings with you, we recommend adding your Homepage link to your email signature. From the Scheduling Links page in the Meetingbird web app, Chrome extension, or plugin, click the “Email Signature” button to copy/paste an email signature that you can add to Gmail, Outlook, or Front.

If you have any additional questions about setting up your Homepage, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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