In this article we'll walk through how to setup a group scheduling link. With a group scheduling link, Meetingbird only shows time slots that are available for you and other team members. Once the meeting is booked, all team members will be included in the calendar invitation. A group scheduling link is useful when you want to book a meeting between multiple members of your team and a client or prospect, for example.

Note that the creator of a group scheduling link must have access to their colleague's calendars in Google Calendar or Office 365. 

Here's how to setup a group scheduling link:

  1. Open Meetingbird
  2. Create a new scheduling link by clicking the green "New Scheduling Link" button 
  3. In the "Availability and Calendar Settings" section, choose some recurring or non-recurring available times. Choose the maximum availability you want to display; Meetingbird will hide any time slots that don't work for any of your team members.
  4. Check that the Calendar setting is set to an appropriate calendar.
  5. In the Double Booking setting, toggle the calendars of all team members that will be involved in the group meeting. If you don't see a team member's calendar, check to make sure you have access to their calendar in Google Calendar or Outlook. 
  6. In the Event Settings section, find the Additional Guests section and add the email addresses of the team members that need to be included in the meeting.
  7. Save the link settings.

When someone views this scheduling link, they'll only be shown meeting times that work for all team members and once they book a meeting, everyone will be included in the calendar invite. 

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