The Meetingbird plugin for Front makes scheduling meetings and managing your calendar from your Front inbox easy. Explore the step-by-step walkthroughs below to learn how to create calendar events and insert potential meeting times into emails right from your Front inbox.

How to: View your calendar and create a Calendar Event

  1. Open the Meetingbird plugin by expanding the right-hand sidebar and choosing Meetingbird.
  2. Click the "My calendar" button.
  3. Fill in details for the meeting topic, time, location and more. If you're viewing a particular email thread in Front, you'll notice that the topic and attendee fields are automatically pre-populated with the details from that thread.
  4. Click the blue "Schedule" button to create the event and send calendar invitations to all attendees.

How to: Insert Meeting Times

Instead of emailing back and forth to find a time that works, you can use Meetingbird to insert suggested meeting times directly into an email, allowing the recipient to book the meeting with a tap:

Here's how:

  1. Open the Meetingbird plugin by expanding the right-hand sidebar and choosing Meetingbird.
  2. Click "Insert Meeting Times". A popup will open that displays your calendar.
  3. Mark any times that you're available for by clicking and dragging on regions of the calendar (for example, 2pm-4pm on Thursday).
  4. Use the sidebar on the left to optionally customize the meeting topic, duration, location, and more.
  5. Click the blue "Insert Meeting Slots" button and close the popup.
  6. You'll now be prompted to copy the meeting slots and paste them into your email. Before copying, use the list of settings to customize the Style (Grid or Plaintext), Timezone, and Time Format.

When the recipient receives your email and taps a meeting slot, the meeting will be booked instantly and invitations will be sent to all attendees.

How to: Access your Scheduling Links

Scheduling Links allow you to setup preferences for specific types of meetings (Sales calls, product demos, recruiting interviews, etc.). With the Meetingbird plugin for Front, you can access a list of your scheduling links and quickly paste a scheduling URL into an email.

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