Polls make scheduling group events easy by allowing you to choose a few time options and then invite participants to vote on the best time. When everyone's finished voting, you can easily schedule the meeting and add it everyone's calendar.

Creating a Poll

From the Meetingbird web app: click "New Poll"

Configuring your Poll

  1. On the Poll settings page, choose a Meeting Topic for the poll.

2. Click the Time Options setting to open your calendar. From here, just drag on the calendar to select the time options you'd like everyone to vote on.

3. (Optional) Use the other settings to customize your event's location, description, and more.

4. Click the blue "Create Poll" button on the top right corner to create your Poll.

Sharing your Poll

Once you've created your poll, you can share it by sending anyone the poll's unique URL or by clicking the "Share Poll via Email" button to send automated invitations.

As votes are submitted, you'll receive email updates on the poll's progress:

Scheduling the Poll Event

Once everyone has finished voting and you're ready to schedule the poll's event, visit the poll's page by clicking on it's entry in the "Scheduling Links" section of the web app.

From here, you'll see a breakdown of the time options and their respective votes. Click "Schedule" next to any of the time options to begin scheduling the final event:

A scheduling window will open with the event details automatically pre-filled. Click "Schedule" to confirm the event and send invitations to poll voters.

That's it! If you have more questions about using poll links, feel free to reach out to our support team.

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