What are Reminder Emails?

Reminder emails are automatic reminders to event participants about upcoming meetings that prevent no-shows and ensure meetings start on time. They can be scheduled a few hours or days in advance of your meetings, and can be used with 1. events you schedule manually and 2. events scheduled using Scheduling Links.

Reminder emails can also use optional templates to provide extra information to event attendees. For example, a template for an email reminder about a sales demo may include the message "Please have a computer ready in order to view the screenshare demo." That message would follow an automated sentence reminding the participant about the time and location of the meeting:

Scheduling Reminder Emails

When scheduling single events, you can schedule reminder emails simply by selecting a time (from 10 minutes to a few days in advance) from the dropdown. You can also select an optional template if you'd like:

For scheduling links, you can set up reminder emails within the link's settings. There you'll be able to set a reminder email time and template, which will be applied to all meetings that are scheduled using the link:

Creating and Editing Reminder Templates

To create Reminder Templates, click "Settings" from the left sidebar of the Meetingbird web app, and then select "Reminder Templates." Here you'll see any reminder templates that you or other team members have created (reminder templates are shared within Meetingbird teams). Click "New Reminder Template" to create a new template, and then simply provide a template name and message:

The name will only be used to help you and other team members to identify the template and will not be shown to email recipients. The message will appear in the reminder email following a sentence about the time and location of the meeting.

That's it! If you have any questions about using reminder emails, feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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