In our SDR to AE Handoff Guide, we showed how an SDR can use Meetingbird to insert an Account Executive's availability into an email, allowing a lead or prospect to book a meeting with a single click. In this article, we'll show you how to quickly book a meeting between a lead or prospect and another team member. This is most useful when a prospect has already told you when they're free for a meeting.

1. Ensure you have the Meetingbird Chrome Extension installed

2. From the Gmail email composer, click the Book a Meeting button

3. Pick the calendar that you'd like to assign the meeting to

Meetingbird allows you to assign a meeting to any of the calendars you have access to in Google Calendar, along with the calendars of your Meetingbird team members. Check out this article to learn how to invite colleagues to your Meetingbird team.

Once you've chosen a person to assign the meeting to, you'll see their meetings appear on the calendar.

4. Drag on the calendar to pick a meeting time

4. (Optional) Use a meeting template to quickly fill in meeting details

Meeting Templates allow you to fill in event details like the topic, location, and description with a single click.

5. Click "Book Meeting" to finish booking the meeting.

After you book the meeting, a meeting invitation will be sent out to all parties.

That's it! As you can see, Meetingbird makes booking meetings on behalf of team members easy.

Have some questions that weren't answered above? Feel free to reach out to our awesome support team.

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