The Sales Development Rep to Account Executive handoff is a pivotal moment in a prospects journey through your sales funnel. Meetingbird's extension for Gmail allows SDRs to automate the meeting scheduling process while preserving the personal touch that's essential for an effective handoff. In this article, we'll walk through how to do just that.


  1. With the Meetingbird extension installed, open Gmail and click the green Share Availability button in the bottom of the Meetingbird sidebar. This will open the Scheduling Link Creator.

2. Pick time slots that the Account Executive is available for by dragging on the calendar:

3. Use Calendar Settings to assign meetings to a specific Account Executive. In this example, Chris Johnson is the AE we're handing off to, so we'll update Calendar To Schedule On to Chris' calendar. Meetingbird will automatically prevent double bookings on Chris' calendar.

We can also update the Event Settings to customize the meeting topic, duration, location, and description of meetings scheduled with this scheduling link. In this case, we've set the topic to be "Meetingbird Demo", chosen a duration of 30 minutes, and added an Uberconference link as the location.

4. In the Link Sharing section, make sure to turn on link sharing with your team. This will allow other members of your team that are also using Meetingbird (like other SDRs) to view and use the scheduling link you've created.

5. Click the blue Create Link button to finish creating the scheduling link.


Insert available times into an email to execute the handoff

Now that we've properly configured a scheduling link for our Account Executive Chris, we can go ahead and use it in an email. Let's say we'd like to propose times for a meeting with a lead named Amy. Meetingbird makes this easy; from the Gmail compose window, we just click the blue "Insert slots from link" button and pick the "Chris Johnson Handoffs" link we created.

And that's it! When Amy receives our email, she'll be able to instantly schedule a meeting with our AE simply by clicking any of the available times that we've inserted. And if Chris' availability changes in the time after we've sent the email, Meetingbird will automatically suggest other slots to Amy and prevent double-booking.


Updating our Account Executive's availability or preferences

Meeting preferences and availability change, so Meetingbird makes it easy to update the scheduling link we created at any time.

  1. Click the blue Scheduling Links button on the bottom of the Meetingbird sidebar to view the scheduling links that you've created.

2. Click the scheduling link that you'd like to update. In this case we'll pick the "Chris Johnson Handoffs" link we created earlier.

3. Drag or click on the calendar to add or remove available slots.
4. Click Save to finish making changes to the scheduling link.

In Summary

Meetingbird allows SDRs to perform handoffs efficiently while maintaining the personal touch necessarily to keep leads engaged. Get started by downloading the Meetingbird extension for Gmail.

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